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Phrases To Use In English Essays

Below is a list of the most common English idioms with simple explanations: Add fuel to the flames Adding fuel to the flames simply means doing or saying something that makes the current situation worse. All ears. Whenever someone says that they are all ears, it simply means they are so keen. Answer nature’s call

  • An excellent chance to do something valuable. “Acing the IELTS test will be a golden opportunity for me to visit my friends and relatives in the UK.”. Green light. Permission to do something. “My parents have finally given me the green light to study in New Zealand.”.

  • When refuting the opposing idea, we may use the following strategies: compromise but prove their argument is not powerful enough: - They have a point in thinking like that. - To a certain extent they are right. completely disagree: - After seeing this evidence, there is no way we can agree with this idea.

  • Any paper requires justification of why your topic is relevant. Here are analytical words and phrases for this purpose. X has been studied in the recent several decades because. One of the most significant current discussions is. In the past years, X has attracted much attention as. Much attention has been drawn to.


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