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Wynn & Encore - Las Vegas

(Sept. 22 Photo) When I think of a visit to Las Vegas, this is always on the list. Whether I'm staying here, playing here, having breakfast at my favorite outdoor terrace, or watching the frog dance on the Lake of Dreams, I wouldn't skip it. Wynn opened in April of 2005. It changed the skyline of the strip and it challenged its predecessors for more. More excellence, more glamour, more design and innovation. Wynn was so successful that their second hotel, Encore, opened up three years later in 2008.

This year, Wynn Las Vegas was named the largest five-star resort in the world. Everywhere you look, there is something wonderful, special, different. Every detail in the design was thought out and meticulously executed. The drapes! The flooring! The lighting! The FLOWERS! It is beautiful. Also extremely noteworthy- In all of my visits over the years (at least thirty) I have yet to meet an unfriendly employee. Wynn and Encore have some of the best staff in the world. Honestly it must be part of the interview. "If you're not awesome, you can't work here".

There are two hotels, so there are two casinos. Two sets of some of the best restaurants and bars you could ever ask for. Two spas, two fitness centers. Two esplanades of shops with some of the best brands in the world. Two Chanel' the same building...where else does this happen? Magic.

When you're there:

-Seasonal french toast at Tableau, right now it is Apple Cobbler (sit outside!)

-Go to Red 8 for a quick lunch/dinner with no reservations needed

-Watch the new Lake of Dreams shows (about 5 min each on the half hour) starting at 7:30pm every night. Watch from your table at SW for steak (my favorite), Lakeside for seafood, or just pop in on the upper terrace for the view.

-Breakfast outside at Terrace Pointe Cafe

-Take advantage of great weather at the pools, they're heated as it gets chilly

-Shop! There are so many beautiful things in one place

-If you're staying there, take the elevator down to the spa level just to take a peek- it is worth it.

-Play! and Win!! (or Wynn!) haha

Whatever you do, just have the best time, I wish I was there with you!


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