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Walker Bros. Dutch Baby

(Sept. 23 Photo) If you live in the Chicago area and you haven't been to Walker Brothers I would put it on your list. They are a "pancake house" and have lunch options as well. In Mean Girls, the Spring Fling Queen, Cady, won two gift certificates to Walker Brothers and her friends Damian and Janis stole one out of Aaron Samuels hands before she got them. Does that make it legendary? For you to decide.

One of my favorite breakfasts is a Dutch Baby pancake. It's a (mini!) German Pancake. There is really nothing miniature about it though, I usually can't eat one by myself. The ingredients resemble those of traditional pancakes but the texture is more pancake/popover/crepe. All great things, in one. They're not the most popular menu item but when I find somewhere that has them, I have to try. The Walker Brothers version is fantastic. You can top with whatever your heart desires, but I like lemons and powdered sugar.


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