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The Mirage - Las Vegas

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

(Sept. 13 Photo) This was the first place I stayed when I was brought to Las Vegas as a baby. It was less than a year old at that time, we were babies together. This is the place my cousins and I raced down the waterslides (when they still had them). This is the hotel I fell asleep at the dinner table at Caribe Cafe (miss it!) as a kid because the days were too fun for my little body to handle. I was lucky enough to see Siegfried & Roy perform here (3 times!). This is where I played blackjack with my parents for the first time. It's where I won with my Grandma on her lucky 777 slot machine. I bought my first Chanel bag and brought it back to my room here. This is the hotel I've brought my friends to for their first time in Vegas and my best friend to a month before she got married. Multiple birthdays have been celebrated here and countless memories have been made. The Mirage is home to me.

It was recently closed for about five months due to the shutdown of the world. This is longer than most hotels were closed, so it was a little concerning. It reopened August 27th! We were lucky enough to go in September and smell that beautiful coconut pineapple air (If you've been- you know what I'm talking about). Not everything was open, but I'd say it was about 75% open. We were able to workout in the fitness center, have pancakes at Pantry, and watch the Bears game at The Still. We went to the pool every day and had great sunny weather. I placed sports bets, played blackjack, and managed to make some friends even through masks and plexiglass dividers! So thankful we had the chance to go.


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