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The Little Speaker That Could

(Sept. 15 Photo) This is basically an indestructible (ok- hard to destruct) little circle of sound. It is a bluetooth speaker so there are no wires or cords necessary. It has about ten full hours of playtime and then it is easily charged up again with a usb cord. It is waterproof to the point of even submerging it in water. I really like the fact it is under 1/2 lb. and has the clip (carabiner for fancy people) built in. This makes it extremely portable and great to travel with. Mine lives in my shower most of the time and I charge it about once a month.

I'm not going to promote this as the best speaker in the world- it's not. However, it has a 4.7/5 star rating on Amazon based on over 12,000 reviews for a reason. Not one of my other great speakers can be in the shower or dropped in the pool without an issue. For the price point - it has clear sound and a good tone if you're just trying to play some music in the background, especially around water. 10/10 would buy it again.


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