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The Best Face Washing Tool

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

I told myself if I ever had a blog, this would be the first thing on it. This is the Foreo Luna Mini 2. It was a gift, and since then I have given it as a gift as well. It is a gift that keeps on giving. The best three minutes of your face washing life, (not sponsored whatsoever) haha.

Foreo is a Swedish beauty company, and the Luna Mini 2 is made to last. It is extra gentle and made of silicone. It is an upgrade from my long-loved Clarisonic with no brush head replacements needed and no tiny crevices for any inevitable buildup or soapy water to sit in (hi germaphobe friends). The charge lasts months- even with everyday use.

It has a pre-programmed three minute run time. Get your face wet, apply your favorite face wash, press the center button on the Foreo and move it in small circles. It may seem a little long, and you can definitely cut it short, but it feels good & it's good for your skin! Make three minutes for yourself.

The Luna Mini 2 is available on Foreo's website for $119 in six colors. I have seen it on sale recently as it is no longer Foreo's "best and brightest". The Luna Mini 3 has taken the spotlight and is currently available on their website in five colors, including black (their Men's version) for $159. The Luna Mini 3 has a few more tech upgrades like pairing with your phone, but it seems to be the same shape and concept as the 2. You will find the link for the Luna Mini 2 on the "Shop" page.

I hope you love it as much as I do!

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