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The Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses

(Sept. 21 Photo) Hey! I am wearing these right now. I'm not sure if the effects of blue light are really as terrible as people make them out to be, but I like these - and they're supposed to help, so I'll play along.

I generally put them on at night when working on my laptop/Ipad, looking at my phone, or watching tv. Less blue light supposedly equates to better sleep and I think everyone can benefit from that. For around $20, it's worth a shot.

These are not the best because they are miracle workers or because I have proof that they "work". They are the best because they are so lightweight and comfortable that I fall asleep in them 9 out of 10 nights. They're doing what they're intended for, at least for me. If you want to try blue light blocking glasses, these are a great pair.


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